Pandya Consulting is an Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Software and Business Consulting Services Provider  
Accounting Services
Accounting Services Provider
Pandya Consulting is a leading professional Accounting services provider includes tax accounting and consulting firm....
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Payroll Services
If you'd prefer to focus on growing your small business more willingly than on the tedious tasks of payroll, consider our payroll services.
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Tax Services
Tax minimization is our ultimate concern and we will help you devise strategies to meet that most important objective.
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Consulting Services
Professional services which employ the practitioner's technical skills, education, observations, experiences, and knowledge
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We are a team of experienced consultants with international accounting and consulting know-how. Our firm provides exceptional analysis and research that assists our clients in solving difficult business problems. We have a wide range of clients from the world's largest companies to family owned businesses. Our testifying experts have prestigious and difficult-to-obtain credentials such as CPA, MAI, ASA, CFA, and MBA. Individual resumes are available after more is known about your specific need. Please contact us for an initial and no obligation consultation.

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USA :                                                                                                                    Pandya Consulting, LLC 
611  Springhouse Rd, Suite-F 
Allentown, PA 18104-4693.USA
Cell:        610-217-9091
Office:     610-530-9417
Fax:        610-628-4802


CANADA : Pandya Consulting Inc                                                          
INDIA :     Pandya Consulting

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